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5th October 2020


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


So no-one noticed, or at least no-one told me that I had the wrong year on the date. I noticed when I changed it! I also should point out that my Gran is 94!


On my last Sunday before my holiday, the 6th of September, just as I decided that I was now on Holiday Trisha phoned to say that she had been contacted by track and trace and had to self-isolate for 14 days and so wouldn’t be able to preside at the service at St Michaels on the 13th. I sent a quick text to my friend Peter to see if he was still free on the 13th and he offered to step in for me. He has since written to me and said that he was very pleased to be at both churches so that he knows where I am ministering. Both churches have said how much they enjoyed having him there. It does mean that I don’t have either of his sermons. Yesterday (yes I am actually writing this on Monday evening!) Allan Hugman preached at St Peter’s and Margaret Duffy preached at St Michaels at our harvest festival and I haven’t asked them for their sermons either. Attached is my sermon from the week before.  Those that came to the services yesterday will have heard that the diocese has improved their security and I can no-longer down load their videos to play in the services. I will look at transcribing them for you for the next letter!


My apologies that this letter didn’t get written last week. On the Monday I was still busy catching up with things from being away. On the Tuesday I spent the day at a virtual “Festival of Preaching” which was really interesting but quite tiring, and when I sat down to think about writing a letter there was no creative energy left!  I have seen the “Festival of Preaching” advertised in previous years but as it is usually a residential festival I haven’t been able to afford the time or the money to go. This year it was just a day online and therefore a lot cheaper. It was well worth the money, and I can watch all the video’s again.


In case you were wondering I had a good holiday. My friend Sister Catherine came with me which was great, not just because she did all the cooking (she really enjoys cooking and I don’t!), but we have been away on holiday together for many years. We haven’t had chance to meet since my licensing so there was a lot to catch up. Her Community (the Community of the Holy Name (CHN)) are in the process of moving up to Hessel although COVID-19 has delayed when they might be up here.


Shenanigans in the Vicarage Garden!


Well the first shenanigan wasn’t in the Vicarage Garden but on the beach. The tide goes out quite a long way on the little beach that I go to on holiday. We were sat back on the dry sand where the tide hadn’t been for many days and I could see something near the edge of the sea. I thought it was a pile of clothes or a heap of towels left by a surfer. But then I thought part of it had moved. We fished out the binoculars and saw that it was a dog. It looked like some sort of collie or maybe a red setter – the distance made it difficult to see the colour. It was right near the edge of the sea sat down. The sea was coming in so it got up walked a bit further along the edge of the tide and the sat down again. It was on part of the beach that is a sandbank and so when the tide comes in you can end up with sea behind you. Catherine and I discussed that it was sat on the sand bank and was going to get cut off soon. It moved along the beach another couple of times and then realised that it was cut off. I had thought that it must belong to one of the surfers and was very well-behaved waiting for its owner. Suddenly it ran through the water that was behind it, up the whole of the beach and up the stairs at the “down end” of the beach.  I’ve never encountered a dog that likes watching surfers or watching waves. Catherine said that later in the week she saw a very well-trained dog – that could have been the one we saw, responding to someone training it with a whistle – like a sheep dog. I like the idea of a dog watching surfers or waves, not trying to chase them but sitting in contemplation watching the tide come in. That is what I do on holiday simply enjoy watching the waves coming and going.


As I was putting some washing in my machine at the week-end I was thinking that I haven’t seen a fox since I came back. I looked up and in the garden at the bottom of the tree there was a fox curled up asleep. Squirrels I have seen. Both of them chasing up and down the apple tree. Usually on a Monday morning distracting me! I’m intrigued that one of them is mostly brown – he’s not red like a red squirrel but is more brown than grey.


The other living thing that I have been watching is a spider outside my study window. It is in the middle of its web in the frame of the window, probably a couple of inches from the window. It’ been there throughout torrential rain – which I guess didn’t go near the web, but also through some very windy weather which did affect the web as I saw the spider moving in towards the window and out again. I decided not to include a picture of the spider for those who may not like them, but yesterday morning just before Morning Prayer I spotted this leaf, obviously caught in the web but you can’t see it and the leaf just seems to be floating in mid-air. I don’t know when it disappeared because next time, I looked it wasn’t there. There was another leaf caught briefly today but this one was horizontal. I was going to include the picture but it just looked like a leaf on the grass!


I will try to transcribe a couple of the diocesan videos for next week.


Take care,

stay safe

Every blessing.  

Rev Wendy


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