Combined Services

In months where there are five Sundays there will be only one morning service so that our two congregations can worship together and begin to get to know each other.

(The 8.00am Eucharist at St Michael's and the 9.15am Eucharist at St. Peter's will be cancelled that week.)

In 2019 there are four months in which there are five Sundays: March, June, September, December.

The first of these united services will take place on 31st March, with subsequent ones on 30th June, 29th September, 29th December.

Each service will be a Eucharist and will begin at 10.15am.


                             (there is the Candlemas/Presentation Carol Service at St Michael's at 6.30pm - all invited!)

·         31th March                            St Michael's

·         30th June                               St Peter's

·         29th September                     St Michael's

          29th December                        St Peter's


God bless.