Awards for All

Upgrading the access to the church centre to improve safety of users including the elderly and disabled.

We would like to announce that we have been awarded a much hoped for grant from Awards for All of £8740 to help make our Church Centre a more welcoming and inviting place. 

This is to be done by renewing our Church Centre entrance door and two fire doors, including the replacing of their frames.  We will also fit a large stud wall cupboard for securing and storing items and equipment.

By renewing the main entrance door and fitting it with safety glass to the top panel it will make the centre a more welcoming and inviting place.  An automatic opening and closing system will benefit all users of the centre, especially the elderly, disabled, young and the more able bodied who are carrying items and equipment. The extension of concrete ramps will make for an easier access and exit from the building.

Everyone in the building will be safer having new fire doors fitted and all users will notice a visual improvement of the centre by having a lockable cupboard fitted, reducing the amount of important and valuable, yet often bulky, items left on display.

Thanks you to Awards for All for making this possible.

Church Centre main door Improvements.

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